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Bradley Research Group Contact Information

Professor Mark Bradley


Bradley Research Group

The University of Edinburgh

School of Chemistry

Joseph Black Building

David Brewster Road

Edinburgh EH9 3FJ United Kingdom

Tel: 0044 131 651 3307

Fax: 0044 131 777 0334


Website or General Contact

Please contact: A…

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Bradley Research Group


The Bradley Group has worked in the micro-array area for some four years and has led to the development of a generic HT screening method for the determination of the substrate specificity of proteases, kinases and phosphatases etc. (Interfacing DNA Arrays with Combinatorial Libraries, C…

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Custom Boiler Cleaners: Location

Service Area Brooklyn, Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Westchester, and Nassau County, New York, for More than 50 Years

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About Us

Custom Boiler Cleaners Inc. is a Brooklyn, New York,…

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