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Crosby Corp: Mortgage Fraud Review

Mortgage Loan Fraud is on the Rise.

A study of 80 percent of all mortgage loans in this country revealed that the mortgage lending industry generated $13 billion in loans containing fraudulent information in 2012; a $1 billion increase over 2011. These numbers threaten the integrity of countless pending and existing loans, and making thorough mortgage fraud review more important than ever.

Post-closing Mortgage Fraud Review Experts

Crosby's team of expert specialize in post-closing Quality Control mortgage underwriting including deep level auditing and mortgage fraud review. The country's top financial institutions - including government sponsored entities, investment banks, private investors and lenders - all depend on our senior mortgage underwriters to deliver compliant, and secure mortgage loans.

Mortgage Fraud Investigations

Our job is to independently re-verify critical data to ensure that all documentations is in compliance with both local and federal underwriting regulations as well as all applicable loan processing rules. We then move to the fraud finding phase of our auditing process.

If fraud is not detected early through simple auditing of the loan file, underperformance of the loan will soon raise red flags that demand further investigation.

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