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Tokyo MK Taxi: Keeping Up with the Competition

In metropolitan areas where a presence of heavy traffic and limited parking spots are a problem, it becomes exceedingly wise to rely on privately hired cars. Taxi and chauffeur companies like Tokyo MK Taxi allows people to sit back and relax in the back seat while a private driver is in charge to get you to your destination with comfort and style.


Tokyo MK Taxi is a global company providing taxi and chauffeur services across Japan, Korea and the United States. Having a wide array of car models, Tokyo MK Taxi features Lexus group enthusiasts LS600hL/460 as well as other luxurious vehicles like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota Hiace and Nissan Fuga Hybrid, the company can definitely cover your car needs and requirements. Having provided taxi and chauffeur service for many years, we have created an application that will meet the needs of our clients when it comes to the online reservation and taxi booking. No matter where you are, you can access our website and book the transportation you need. Plus, we can give you the assurance that our application will work in all circumstance and on all platforms.


What's PCS?


PCS (Private Chauffeur Service) is a service where MK taxis available for hire in the vicinity of the customer’s location can be searched using a mobile phone (including smartphone) or laptop and the request can be made directly to the driver without going through the call center. Since the request is placed directly to the driver errors that may occur when requesting through the call center can be avoided.


In order for Tokyo MK to become one step ahead of the competition, technological development was integrated in order to better serve our clients and expand our client base. If you have any kind of questions about our service, please feel free to contact us via e-mail or by telephone and we will be delighted to help you.

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