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Cryptocurrency: How Cardonio Credit Card Can Change Your World

Recent years introduced us to a new phenomenon in finance and currency unprecedented in the history of human civilization. All this, just as every new communication and information technology advancement, we owe to the advent of semiconductors which human ingenuity discovered and harnessed from …

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Bell Moore Group Inc. Review: Viktigheten av å skape verdt verdi

Hvordan skaper vi verdi? Eller hvordan definerer vi det?

I virksomhet, skape verdier betyr ganske enkelt gi klienten din en fordel som oppveier betalingen du får i bytte for tjenesten. Slike fordeler innebærer god service og støtte samt gi reell virksomhet utfall som vil maksimere deres potensiel…

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TCG Tokyo Consulting Group: Accounting Services, Bookkeeping Japan

Upon opening a branch or business abroad, it is crucial for an organization to get its accounting services managed properly right from the start. As part of our integrated services strategy, Tokyo Consulting Group offers accounting services such as bookkeeping and regular or on-demand consulting.

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Tokyo MK Taxi: Keeping Up with the Competition

In metropolitan areas where a presence of heavy traffic and limited parking spots are a problem, it becomes exceedingly wise to rely on privately hired cars. Taxi and chauffeur companies like Tokyo MK Taxi allows people to sit back and relax in the back seat while a private driver is in charge to ge…

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What’s Behind Google’s Secretive Ad-Blocking Policy by Online Security

When Google decided in May to stop accepting online ads for short-term, ultra-high-cost personal loans known as payday loans, some people wondered whether the company was acting more like a publisher exercising editorial control than a supposedly neutral search engine.


Now that Google’s pol…

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Eastern Alliance Insurance Group Review: Fraud Prevention

What You Need to Know

Workers' compensation fraud is a big problem. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (a not-for-profit organization that investigates and tracks insurance fraud nationally) asserts that workers' compensation fraud is the fastest-growing insurance scam in the country. The NICB e…

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Eastern Alliance Insurance Group Review: Risk Management Services

Eastern's approach to risk management services is simple: reduce your exposure to loss. Our consultative services extend well beyond merely providing hazard identification assessments and submitting recommendations. Our in-house risk management services’ group has years of experience, expertise in w…

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Cyber Security: Healthcare Industry Vulnerabilities Give Rise to Cyber Crime

In November, at least 35 healthcare facilities in the U.S., U.K. and Canada were targeted by cybercriminals executing Business Email Compromise (BEC) campaigns. The organizations, which included hospitals, specialty care providers, walk-in clinics and pharmaceutical companies, were defrauded by …

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Security and Risk Online: Cyber Gang of Russia Collected Millions through Fake-Ad Scam posted on December 20th, 2016, quoting a firm which specializes in detection of online-ad fraud as saying that a criminal group of Russia is running huge fraud which has been stealing millions of digital advertising dollars per day for the last few months.

It is estimated that billio…

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SC Advisors Facilitates $50 Million Acquisition And Development Deal BETWEEN MOSS PARK PROPERTIES LLLP AND LENNAR HOMES LLC

Lennar Homes, LLC, and Moss Park Properties, LLLP (MPP) have completed an acquisition and development contract for 366 acres and the future development of a new master planned community.

This $50 million investment will advance the initial phases of the community with more than 2,000 resident…

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Haws Corporation tempered water Nevada USA, Singapore on Pulp and Paper Mill Upgrades it’s Emergency Equipment

One of the leading manufacturers of corrugated and consumer packaging in North America is committed to exceeding expectations for both its customers and its more than 15,000 employees throughout all facets of the organization.

When a new site safety manager joined the organization, he suspected t…

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Axia Consultants - Critical Success Factors (CSF’s)

For selecting a new system

* An actively engaged project sponsor

A board level director / executive who fully supports, is actively involved with and champions the project. Ideally this would be the CEO. IT Director support is required, but this is not enough. It should at least be the head of…

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Cybersecurity Fraud Intelligence Lead – Vice President in J.P. Morgan, Singapore

The Cybersecurity organization's objective is to ensure that JPMC is able to effectively detect, prevent, and respond to cyber threats against our technology infrastructure. The scope of Cybersecurity comprises detection and monitoring of threats and vulnerabilities, managing security incidents, and…

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Eric Hamilton Marsden Restorers: Tips on how to blend antique furniture with modern furniture

Nowadays, almost every homeowner prefer modern furniture because of its clean style and sometimes because of its dual function. But Eric Earl Hamilton Marsden Furniture Restorers sees it’s also possible to mix and match modern furniture with antique home furniture because it could turn out into some…

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What’s New - NG.LEE and Associates DFK


International Accountants Day was celebrated for the first time in Singapore as some 2,000 accounting and finance professionals gathered at the Lawn@Marina Bay on Thursday for activities.


Braving the rain, they danced to YMCA and broke the Singapore record for the longest chain of…

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Bacall Associates Travel Singapore - Review: 7 tips to plan a memorable getaway trip

During holidays, you're probably thinking of having a vacation trip with your family to create fun memories with them, right? As one of the experts in travel, Bacall Associates sees this as a great opportunity for you and your family to relax yourselves, so you should make this trip into reality.


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Hill & Associates Security Risk Management: All of Asia, in our reach



Hong Kong                                                         


Hill & Associates Ltd.

Room 1701-08

Tower 2, Times Square

1 Matheson Street

Causeway Bay

Hong Kong

Tel: +852 2…

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Mossack Fonseca Charity Committee hace entrega de Canastas


Con un viajé organizado por el Charity Committee que dió inicio a las 3am del viernes 11 de diciembre desde las oficinas principales de Mossack Fonseca, un grupo de voluntarios junto amigos y familiares partieron rumbo a la provincia de Veraguas, a la comunidad de Llano Largo, para hacer entreg…

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Dr Howard Marans MD: Who is the Best Surgeon in California for Fractured Wrist?

Fractured wrists are a common injury. In many cases, the accident occurs when people try to prevent themselves from landing hard in a basic slip and fall or a sports injury. In either situation, the impact on an outstretched hand can create a fracture in one of the numerous bones within the hand…

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Specialty: Otolaryngology by Dr. Richard Isaacs


Dr. Richard Isaacs is an ENT-otolaryngologist in Sacramento, California and is affiliated with multiple hospitals in the area, including Kaiser Permanente Sacramento Medical Center and Kaiser Permanente South Sacramento Medical Center. He received his medical degree from Wayne State Univ…

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