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Meir Ezra: No Fear

Meir Ezra - If you were afraid of nothing, what goals would you set?

Fear stops success. For example, a man who wants to get married, but is afraid of women, will probably not get married. His fear stops him from reaching his goal.

If you want to run a business, you will fail if you are af…

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Business Coaching With Guaranteed Results: Meir Ezra

Seminars are offered by Meir Ezra

Four-day business seminars are offered by Meir Ezra that focus on the Perfect Business Model (PBM) blueprint to set business owners on the path to success. Results are guaranteed or your money back.

In this seminar, the PBM blueprint will be used to help b…

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Meir Ezra: Jealous?

No one likes being jealous. You're afraid you might replace or you might lose a relationship. You feel insecure.

Having a relationship with a jealous person is also difficult. The jealous person does anything to make sure you still like him or her. Jealousy makes the person unattractive, even rep…

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